Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Sweater You Can Knit in One Night!

I stumbled across this pattern whilst looking for the perfect jumper pattern. Always up for a challenge - I thought I would try it out. I didnt quite knit it in a night - but it was finished very quickly all the same. I have included the pattern below, just in case you are interested to take on the challenge. The great thing about it is that it is two knitted squares, so theres no need to follow a pattern for shaping and its really easy.

4 balls 50g mohair (I used 2 wine coloured and 2 varigated and knitted with 2 stands (combining both the wine colour and varigated wool)
10 mm (000) needles
12 mm (0000) needles

Measurements: fits all sizes to 97cm

Tension: 4 st to 5cm

(both alike) Using 10mm needles cast on 44 stitches and work 7 rows in k2, p2 rib.
Change to 12mm needles
Knit until garment measures 57cm (or prefered length)
Cast off.

Join shoulder seams, leaving 25cm unjoined in centre for neck.
Join side seams, leaving 18cm unjoined at top for armholes.

I knitted this to jumper length, but it would also be a great tunic (if knitted a bit longer) to wear over stockings or jeans.


  1. Lucky that I am heading to 'Morris and Sons' in Sydney on the weekend - I might just find the perfect wool for this project!

  2. Did you find the perfect wool for this project? Id love to see some images of the finish product x

  3. If you add a quick knit cowl it would look so cool. Wish I could wear this but I would look like a big ball of wool. 😞

    1. I like your suggestion to add a knitted cowl to this piece - it would make it very versatile. If you made the sweater longer it would also look great over leggings, or as a sweater dress. Im sure you would look lovely in the pattern, it is a flattering style.



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