Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Paper Lace

I am experimenting with some more ideas for the Netwurking exhibition which relate to lace and in particular the lace from Elizabethan times. The images above explore the construction concepts of lace (usually they were folded in a figure eight pattern) and shape of the ruffle. I like the idea of turning these paper lace drawings into small books or wearable paper art.....

The text on the concertina folded piece contains interesting facts about lace in the 16th Century - for example in some places only people of a certain rank were allowed to wear lace and then only a certain width according to their status. It was also a dangerous profession to be a lacemaker as they were not allowed to make lace in rooms with open fires because the smoke would discolour and stain the lace. So lacemakers would fill clay or metal pots with hot coals and position them under their skirts to keep warm. Often these hot coals would set fire to the lacemakers clothing!

1 comment:

  1. kate, these experiements are gorgeous.
    i like the mountainous effect folding has given the bottom one.

    i am pleased to discover your blog.



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