Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A day of fun discoveries

Yesterday I had a day full of fun discoveries. The first was a new shop in Moss Vale Made by Others which has a lovely array of ceramics, paintings, prints, textiles, jewellery all made by hand by Australian artists. The quality of the wares was exceptional and I couldnt resist buying a lovely little felt broach.

From Moss Vale I then went on to Newtown and found a fabulous little cafe which combined two of my loves: knitting and coffee. A Coffee and a Yarn has four or five large tables with assorted stools and seats arranged communal style. Each table cluster has a wooden box of knitting needles, yarn and directions for anyone want to do a little charity knitting for the Wrapped With Love knitted blanket projects. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own project. Unfortunately by this stage I'd already had 3 coffees, so Ive made a mental note to come back with my knitting on a cold winters day.

Almost next door to the knitting cafe was All Buttons Great and Small - store which has an amazing array of buttons for all sorts of projects. I was overwhelmed by the choice and will definitely have to come back when I have a project which requires special buttons.

Finally my day was complete when I happened by chance upon a copy of Prints Charming's new book which has a number of projects which involve creating your own fabric. I love Prints Charmings aesthetics and large bold designs!

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  1. Did you buy the book? I've been very tempted. The cafe in Newtown looks fabulous.



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