Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Wind Wash @ Weereewa Festival

I was part of an exhibition organised by Megalo of screen printed tea towels at the 2010 Weereewa Festival. The theme of the festival was Winds of Change, and in line with this the Wind Wash exhibition was exhibited on various clothes lines and hills hoists in the Bungendore region during March and April. The key installation site of works was sited on the lake bed of Weereewa (Lake George).

Possum Magic

This scarf is knitted out of a beautiful homespun possum wool I picked up during my recent travels to New Zealand. It is so soft and light to touch and Ive been told it should be nice and warm for the winter months ahead. It was knitted on 10mm knitting needles using the same knitting stitch as the blanket I have also recently knitted.

The pattern is a very easy net-like lacy stitch and fast to knit:
Using 10mm needles cast on 31 stitches. (For a scaft about 41cm wide)
K1, *wool round needle, knit 2 together* repeat the pattern between the asterisks to the end of the row
Repeat this row until scarf reaches your desired length.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Chill in the Air

The mornings and evenings are starting to cool down and there is a crisp edge to the Canberra air as we approach winter.

My fingers are responding to the itch to knit and I am knitting like a 'knit-wit' with 4 projects on the go: a fluffy green/blue scarf, a possum wool scarf, a recycled silk (from Nepal) scarf and a jumper knitted from beautiful rasberry & chocolate coloured wool I bought during a recent trip to NZ. They are all beautiful and rich in textures and colours and simply delightful!

Completed projects

I have just finished knitting a lacy blanket for my Kiwi friends as a wedding gift using a beautiful 4 ply New Zealand Romney wool. You can see it covering the chair in my lounge room picture. Also featuring in this picture is my 'Fang' pouffe - a project that I started last year which included learning how to re-upholstering the ottoman using traditional materials and techniques, and covered with one of my screen printed fabrics. The image is inspired by my Mum's puppy Fang.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Shop Handmade

With the opening of Shop Handmade eagerly anticipated this coming Friday, 16 April I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful things made by clever and creative people. I am also delighted that my wares have been chosen to be displayed amongst such fabulous creations.

Ive made things out of fabrics I have designed and screen printed by hand within the last couple of months. Its very exciting to see these designs being realised - some are over a year in the making. Check out my flickr page for more images of my fabrics and creations.



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