Monday, 17 May 2010

Patchwork Squares

Ive recently joined a patchworking group which meets monthly to get together to drink wine, gossip and share patchworking ideas….. coordinated by Jules In our allocated month, we choose the theme which will be announced on the first Wednesday of the month. Then we post fabric to the eleven other participants for them to use to make the patchwork blocks. The participants are also encouraged to add fabric from their stash to make the block. The idea behind this is that we will all end up with twelve similar but different blocks. It will give us all a challenge in interpreting the theme and allow blocks into a quilt that we would not normally create for ourselves.

The fun is in seeing what people create and diversity in design as well as learning different patchwork techniques.

My month is September and I have absolutely no idea what sort of pattern I will ask for, but Im thinking it will incorporate some of my screen printed fabrics.

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