Saturday, 1 May 2010

Neck Lace

Inspired by objects that interact with light and an age long fascination with the word ‘neck lace’, and its literal meaning, was the starting point for this peice. It is created by knitting recycled plastic shopping bags, and then heat and pressure is applied so that it the end result is flat and rigid - which creates a material quite different to the original flexible and tactile knitted fabric.

The artwork references the lace collars of Elizabethan times. Traditionally the collars were somewhat dangerous and an uncomfortable piece of clothing to wear. Straight pins, which pointed towards the neck, held the ruffles together and often caught on the neck, piercing the skin. Through the use of recycled plastic bags 'Necklace' alludes to the waste and frivilous excesses our society produces, questioning what are we prepared to endure for the fashion of convenience?

This object was created for the Netwurk project an exhibition proposal masterminded by the Textiles Workshop at the ANU which revolves around networking via the internet and engaging with other artists online.

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  1. mm!
    Very gorgeous, as are your photographs..

    I can see there is so much talent there..



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