Friday, 7 May 2010

Refind Handbags displayed on the London Underground

Whilst living in London in 2008 I was selected to display my artwork on the London Underground as part of Art Below, an organisation which turns ad space into art space providing great exposure to the commuters of London.

I used this opportunity to create a collage of images of my 'Refind' handbags knitted out of recycled plastic bags. Plastic bags are often disregarded, seen as disposable throw-away items in our modern day society which end up in landfill or polluting the landscape. Yet they are often made in beautiful and bright colours: tangerine orange, lime green, fuscia pink and marine blue. The handbags were lovingly hand-knitting and stitched creating contemporary art works as well as functional handbags.

The handbags also attracted media attention and featured in the article 'Waste Potential' in Etihad Airlines Inflight Magazine, 'Best Use of Plastic Bags' online at
and '10 Creative Uses for Plastic Bags' on the Social Vibe blog

Last year Refind Handbags were exhibited at the Sydney Opera House, Australia and Shoreditch, London.

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