Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bellisimo! Ponte Vechio + Cinque Terra

La luna and the Ponte Vecchio

During the first week I was in Florence I was graced with a full moon which glowed like a delightful peach in the summery sky. To enjoy the balmy evenings we packed a picnic and ate dinner on the bridge. Ponte Vecchio means 'old bridge', built in 1335 each side of the street are shops selling jewellery, art and souvenirs. 

As promised, here are some pictures of the finished objects I was working on last week.

Brass ring

Silver leaf pendant : front

Silver leaf pendant : reverse

Whilst in Italy I couldn't resist a trip to the Cinque Terra, (five villages) that are connected by walking paths. Because the terrain is so steep some of the villages are still not connected by road, with rail and boat as the only mode of transport. If you are really energetic you could walk all five in one day, but with the current hot summer days, I wouldn't recommend it! We ended up walking one of the three trails that were open and by the end of it a swim was very necessary.

The scenery between Levanto and Montarosso on the hike
Picnic on the rocks in Riomagiore

Back at school for week 2 I couldn't help but admire the beauty of the jewellers block which bears witness to the many hands that learn jewellery at the Accademia Riaci.

I commenced a pair of traditional Florentine design earrings which have been cut out in silver. 

I also made a Florentine Seal ring, which is quite complicated and technically challenging (for me anyway!) 

The class is incredibly small, with only two students, which makes it more like private lessons. I feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing opportunity to learn traditional technical skills as most of what we do is by hand (no additional tools or machinery with the exception of the polishing wheels). We have an interpreter to explain what our teacher says, although I can understand most of what he is saying by watching his demonstrations. I wonder what I will make next?

Ciao! x

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