Thursday, 30 July 2015

All things Gelato - my favourite Gelateria's and flavours in Florence

I have been eating my way around Florence, particularly when it comes to gelato. I quickly discovered that for the best gelato you must seek out Gelateria's that make the delicious goodness by hand.

The most delicious I have discovered are:

Antica Gelateria Fiorentina - this one is just around the corner from Academia Riaci, making it a great place to stop. They make some very unusual flavours such as Persian (rosewater and pistachio), and stracca (yoghurt, cinamon and honey)

Carabe  - a delicious stop on my walk home from school. Delicious flavours included kiwi fruit and watermelon

Delicious flavours of Gelata Santa Trinita
with the Ponto Vechio in the background

Gelata Santa Trinita - this place is so well known that there was a long line out the door, even at 11pm at night! And understandably so. I tried black sesame seed, and passionfruit. Absolutely delicious and unusual flavours.

Gelateria Edoardo - In the square of the Duomo. Try the red wine, combined cinnamon. Absolutely delicious! And perfect for a hot day. And the best time to go is lunch time around 12.15pm. For some reason this is when the line is shortest!

Vivoli -  - a little out of the way of the touristy places, this is the oldest gelateria in town. The make a particularly delicious coffee gelato

Delicious colours of the gelato spoons
I have also been charmed by the delightful colours of the gelato spoons and have been collecting them on my gelato foraging around Florence.

Gelato spoon necklace #1
I have been having a bit of fun creating some jewellery using my collection of plastic gelato spoons.

Gelato Spoon necklace #2

detail of Gelato Spoon Necklace #2

Making the jewellery is a good excuse for me to continue to try all the delicious flavours of gelato! That's my excuse anyway :) 

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