Thursday, 27 February 2014

Iceberg Ring

In my quest to develop my jewellery skills I signed up for a ring course earlier this year. We were introduced to a variety of basic techniques including wax forming and simple stone settings.

Idea taking shape for Iceberg ring in wax.
I liked all the edges so it was designed to be worn in all three ways.
It was a fascinating process to see how a wax form is translated into metal. First the wax shape is placed in a plaster mould. The wax is then melted, leaving a hollow for the metal to fill.

Melting the silver to go into the wax cast 
The plaster cast is placed into a centrifuge and the metal, in my case silver, is melted. 

Iceberg ring as it looks freshly cast
To enhance the ring I decided to add a small black gem. Using a variety of tools I carved a hole into the ring to create the setting.

Learning to do a simple 'gypsy' stone setting 
And this is the final result! 

The finished Iceberg Ring

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