Thursday, 6 February 2014

Marbling on fabric using shaving cream

Last year I achieved some interesting effects when the images I painted in cobalt ran on the majolica glaze during my NSCCD residency.

Cast Adrift in a Foreign Land 2013. Earthenware and majolica glaze
Image by Art Atelier

I really like the ambiguity of the distorted watery image, and have started experimenting using this approach to distort imagery onto fabric.

After doing some research I discovered a fun way to create marbled effects on fabric using shaving cream and marbling ink. Click here to see a great tutorial on Youtube

Image painted onto shaving cream using fabric inks

Image transferred onto calico 

Image distorts after fabric has been removed from shaving cream

One of the great benefits of this technique is that you are not restricted by the size of the marbling trough (if marbling using the traditional method of a tray of water to suspend the inks in), which enables large areas of fabric to be marbled using the shaving cream method. 

And an interesting discovery was that the image distorted a little with each 'print' onto the fabric. I am very excited by the possibilities this has, and will be trying it next on a very sheer silk fabric. 

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