Thursday, 5 December 2013

Blue and White Porcelain Ceramics

Some of you will know that I have been inspired by the writings of Australian author Miles Franklin who is well known for her novel My Brilliant Career, which for the most part is set in Goulburn, NSW. 
Crabapple Tree in Blossom

In April 2013 I partook in the self guided tour of Goulburn and observed many of the buildings she wrote about in her novels. 

Domestic Interior with Antiques
Indeed, it was her descriptions of pioneering Australia that set me on the path to further research Australia's history that led me to the Artist in Residence at the historic gold mining town of Hill End, and then internationally to explore pioneering history in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. 

"The two towers of the office rose like sentry boxes which in the long main street that ran empty in the moonlight to the south"  
Further images from my Hill End residency:

Goulburn Post Office
So inspired I sketched imagery of Goulburn's historic buildings incorporating text from 'My Brilliant Career' that was published in 1901

"I bought a ticket at the Goulburn railway station"
 These sketches have recently been applied to porcelain ceramics using scraffito and mishima techniques.
Goulburn Railway Station
Earlier in the year I ran a crowd funding campaign to assist with my travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia to participate in the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design's Summer residency.

"I borrowed every book in the neighbourhood and stole hours from rest to read them"
 One of the rewards for my crowd funding supporters was a porcelain ceramic vessel an image relating to my residencies

The Music House 

"I love the organ music and the hush that pervades the building" 
So some very lucky people received these 'one of a kind' porcelain vessels.
St Saviours Cathedral
 The shapes are inspired by pioneering bushmen's mugs, which were fashioned from recycled tin (which would've originally contained food) with a wire handle added.
"I left the train and went to the Commercial for the remainder of the night"

The Commercial Pub, Goulburn.

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