Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Summer Shifts

In an effort to reduce my material possessions (literally) I have decided that instead of purchasing clothes, I will make them, using some of my screen printed fabrics.

On this road of creative fun and adventure, I chose a couple of simple dress patterns, which are perfect for our hot summer days, and have simple elegant lines which allow the fabric prints to speak for themselves.

Of course, they always look so much better on the model so I have worked a little photoshop magic to show you my first 'party' dress of the season. The dress pattern is an original from 1963 and is combined with a fabulous screen print by Indigenous artist and friend Ceretha Skinner. (I couldnt resist buying some of her fabric from her recent exhibition at Megalo Print Studio and Gallery).

A few more dresses using my screen printed fabrics are currently under construction, stay tuned to see the results.


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