Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Come To Your Senses exhibition at GRAG

Come to Your Senses is a group exhibition of works that entice the senses, and can be touched, tasted, smelt and heard.

Gathering Landscape, 2012, recycled clay with shino glaze

 “The horizon was a wide circle of blue hills with Lake George as a jewel in the centre. The drought was emptying the lake and reviving anecdotes of early days when it had not existed at all”.
Cockatoos, A Story of Youth and ExodistsMiles Franklin
The Goulburn region is surrounded by spectacular scenery. This region is the setting for a number of Miles Franklins novels, written in the late 19th century about life in rural Australia.
Within the context of Franklin's writing, my work explores majestic and sublime landscapes through the medium of clay form, glaze and decorating techniques.
Gathering Landscapes depict the landscape in drought. Inspired by prehistoric pot making methods of pressing soft clay into reed baskets to reveal the highly textured, negative space left by the weave.
Water Hole alludes to more temperate times and the deeply carved surface of the inside and outside of the vessel, when held against the light create a weave pattern reminiscent of the nets used to catch fish in waterholes and streams.

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