Friday, 17 February 2012


Its only half way through February and I already find myself over-committed to too many projects.

Instead of doing the sensible thing and working steadily towards deadlines I find myself sitting on the back steps contemplating life.

And enjoying the sunshine :)



  1. Cool shoes, Kate. And the grass looks lush. Enjoy.

  2. I can relate to that soooo much.

    I have had to seriously restructure how I am going about my uni stuff and revive my anal rententative project management persona, sticking up progress charts and all that incredibly boring stuff. Although it makes an interesting contrast to the copies of WW1 recruitment posters and copies of nice pictures a friend is taking in Europe, plus the picture of Aristotle. Yet the prospect of laying back, and pontificating on the interesting things about one's navel, is such an alternative attraction. Or writing more stand-up comedy gags. Or... various other things that I'm too darn lazy to bother typing up even thought to do so would have been quicker than what I have actually written. I'm weird.

    Oh - yeah, purdy shoes. :-)



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