Friday, 10 February 2012

And then the rain came .... wet weather projects

View from my studio window 
Its been rainy and overcast for about a week  now. Not that Im complaining, I love this sort of weather and its always a good excuse to curl up with a project. Ive been working on finishing a couple of projects (new years resolution and all that) and Im excited that Im actually getting some stuff finished. 

100 Granny Squares
Ive been watching loads of tv so that I can finish my granny square rug (series one and two of Grand Designs on DVD - Im now inspired to build something, but thats another story). Ive completed the 100 squares and now its ready to put together. Being a bit new to crochet I wasnt sure the best way to join the squares, and found a fabulous tutorial at Attic 24. Not only was the tutorial fabulous, her whole blog is really interesting and well worth a visit.

Kochira the cat helping select the blocks for my Gate Quilt

Over a year ago I was part of an online patchwork bee - you may have heard of them. A group of people get together via the internet, and each month a person sends out their fabrics to the rest of the people in the group with some instructions on what they would like to have made. It was a great introduction to quilting for me (I also met up with some friends who were part of the group and I learnt some great techniques, as well a lovely excuse to eat cake and drink cups of tea). The down side is that some people are less likely to complete the project than others. Consequently, I have received finished blocks from half the group, and the other half seem to have disappeared!  

My block was inspired by a gate design I saw in Sydney (it also happens to be the same design as the gate on my little cottage - a very nice coincidence). It is a little tricky to put together, and it looks like I have to sew about 8 more blocks to make up for the missing ones sent out to the quilting bee. Thankfully Ive got a stack of DVD's to watch and its perfect weather to be indoors ....



  1. Hi Kate, I had an email from another girl in the group with missing blocks, that is such a shame, I had ones that came back all wonky and stitched badly and one that didn't come at all too, I ended up making lots myself to finish Lucys quilt. I guess you just need the right people in the project and not make it too big :0)
    I can see the block I did in your photo, your block was fun to make, new and interesting, can't wait to see it finished. Nicola

  2. ps. why is it that pussy cats like to sit on quilting? my cat does the same thing :0)

  3. Hi Nicola
    Im pleased you enjoyed making my block and that you recognised your block in the picture :) Ill definitely post some images when the quilt is finished.
    Im impressed that you have finished your quilt - Id love to see some pictures x



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