Friday, 3 February 2012

My top 7 foodie spots to visit in London

I spent a number of years living and working in London. I caught up with a friend recently who was planning a trip to London and she asked me for a list of my favourite places to visit. Funnily enough most of my favourite places were food related! Anyhow, I thought I would share the list with you too

1.St Christophers place

A little lane off Oxford Street connects you to this delightful stretch of cafes and interesting stores. There is a Godeva (amazing chocolate) store along here which is definitely worthwhile checking out. They
make the best chocolate.

2. Broadway Market markets
This place is probably my best discovery of London. Although tucked away in the East End and a little bit of a trek to get to - it is well worth it. One of the more artistic yet gentrified areas of the east end there is a market which is less mainstream than spitalfields and the road is lined with interesting shops and cafes and bars. Its very arty. Love it.

3.Candid Arts Coffee Shop
My favourite cofee shop in london. Its tucked away above a gallery just behind Angel tube.
It is very shabby with a little bit of chic, dark and cosy and brilliant to be tucked away on a grey london day. Also around Angel on the weekend are wonderful 2nd hand / antique markets.

4. the cheese shop in marlebone high street - La Fromagerie
This little hole in the wall is full of great cheeses - and even if cheese isnt your passion it has a great cafe where everyone squeezes onto a long table and enjoys the rustic atmosphere. A definite must to check out. Next door is the Ginger Pig Butcher which sells organic meat and has great pies.

Great deals for cheap eats in London
This was my favourite website in london as you can join for free and get the most amazing deals at restaurants around london. Through this site we found a 15 pound curry meal deal in Islington. Delish!

6. 15 pounds all you can eat sushi in Soho - Hi Sushi
This place has the most amazing value for sushi. we used to eat here often and it was always good. If you go for dinner, make sure you book as it is small and fills up quickly.

7. Smiths on Smithsfield

This place is very trendy and has delicious food and drinks. This area of London is the 'new' arty/trendy area and is worth an explore. There are lots of design offices and my favourite nightclub was in this area.

I hope you have enjoyed my virtual tour of London. Thinking about it, there are a few more places I havent mentioned, so Ill save that for a part 2.

 For those who have been, what is your favourite place in London?  


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  1. Well, as a Londoner, I know many of those places well. :)

    One of my joys is good cheap Mexican food at Wahaca (there are a few across the city now, but Covent Garden and Soho are great. And Soho has a special tequila bar). And, because I love Berlin *almost* as much as London, Herman ze German for great coffee and bretzels for breakfast and proper currywurst for dinner.

    For slightly posher dinners I like Terroirs, The Riding House Cafe and The Salt Yard. And for a full on impressive dinner/cocktail/view package, you can't really get much better than Paramount.

    So there's a few ideas for you if you decide to return.



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