Sunday, 14 November 2010

Man in the Maze Cushion Commission

I was recently approached to design a special image for a 21st Birthday present.

The request asked that I design something which incorporated the Native American Indian 'Man in the Maze' symbol which represents a persons journey through life. The Maze contains seven concentric circles with many twists and turns representing the choices made in life. The centre of the maze is always blank to symbolise reaching our goals and dreams.

I wanted to personalise the design to represent the person's life so far, so I incorporated imagery and symbols to suggest his duel citizenship, achievements, interests, dreams and goals.

The above image is the end result. The design measures 48cm x 48 cm and printed on hemp fabric using water based, permanent fabric inks. The cushion a black linen on the reverse side to further emphasise the black print on the front.

I really enjoyed working to the brief and working with Margo who commissioned the cushion. I hope that her son loves his very special, and thoughtful gift :)

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  1. I am pleased to report that Ross loves his present and was incredibly impressed with the customised design. (He is now looking forward to meeting the artist!) My family is also impressed, with comments from my sisters including:'Very cool!' and 'That is a truly amazing piece of work!' What has worked especially well is how the design has been personalised while maintaining the integrity of the original design and legend. A great success!



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