Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Simply Irresistible Dye Techniques at NSCCD

I will be teaching a number of textile workshops at the NSCCD (Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design) during the winter semester 2017. 

The first workshop I will be teaching is Simply Irresistible Dye Techniques. During the course we explore a variety of resist dye techniques. Methods include the Japanese art of shibori (stitching, wrapping and knotting fabric) using indigo. 

Shibori with indigo

We also create a book of samples (cotton, silk and wool) experimenting with natural dyes such as madder (beautiful turkish reds), cochineal (red from a beetle), log wood (purple), yellow from turmeric and weld. We over dye the fabrics to achieve further colours (greens, browns, orange) and also add different mordants to achieve different colours (beautiful greys).

Different colours of madder in the dye pot
(cotton, silk and wool)

We also play with alternative dye methods such as rust to create fascinating patterns.

Fascinating patterns dying with iron (rust)

And we create three dimensional fabrics using thermoplastic techniques which utilise heat to alter the fabric, and melt-off which removes metal from metal fabric coated materials. 

Sea Rhapsody
Three dimensional fabrics using melt-off and thermoplastic

Other resist techniques explored in the class include painting directly onto the fabric to create hand drawn designs. 
Hand drawn resist onto cotton dyed with indigo.

This class is simply irresistible with all techniques that are demonstrated and lots of fun. The great thing about the course is that all these techniques can be easily done at home and along with learning new techniques and you can also put your new knowledge towards creating a final project within the class.

Apron made with shibori indigo techniques

Registration closes January 16. 

Call Alexis, the NSCCD Studio Coordinator, at 902-492-2524. If you're leaving a message, please make sure to - Leave your Name, Number, and the Class you want to sign up for. If you're in a hurry, you can also call Becky, the NSCCD Administrative Coordinator at 902-492-2522.

Simply Irresistible Dye Techniques
Mondays, January 23 – February 27 
6:30-9:30 (18 hours/6 weeks)
$185 + materials fee $50 payable to the instructor on first day of class
Class Size: 6 (no experience necessary)

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