Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Out of the Centre - CFAT Scholarship Screening

Join me and the rest of the CFAT Media Arts Scholarship gang at the screening of our works on Thursday 9 February 2017. The evening commences at 7pm.

I was awarded the scholarship in August of last year and have been participating in a series of workshops where we have been taught digital editing. As part of the mentorship, each of the scholars is paired with a mentor. I have been very lucky to be working with Susan Tooke, a prominent painter and media artist (and all round lovely person). 

The digital work I have been creating is a continuation of my MFA thesis work, where I was exploring the physical relationship between stone and human memory. In the CFAT scholarship I continue this in a metaphysical realm where the objects, when devoid of their physical presence, become weightless and float in space.

Detached objects is a philosophical investigation about stone and its human-lithic relationship with the development of the human mind. Heavy physical ceramic objects that resemble stones or asteroids have been animated, distorting our perceptions on their size, scale, and weight. The title is a play upon the meaning that is associated with comets that inhabit the distant region of the Solar System, and it is theorised by scientists that the impact upon the Earth of one or more of these objects may have been the catalyst for life as we know it.

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