Thursday, 8 October 2015

Teachers Assistant: Introduction to Ceramics

As part of the MFA program at NSCAD I have the opportunity to be a Teachers Assistant. This is to observe and experience teaching in the classroom. 

The MFA program is geared towards teaching as an opportunity after graduation and there is also the opportunity to propose and teach your own course.

This semester I am the teachers assistant for the Introduction to Ceramics Class. The class is focusing on hand building and one of the first assignments was to build a wig of clay that would be large enough to fit the students head.

Below are some of the wigs before being fired to bisque firing (first firing). 

Some have been painted with coloured underglazes, which will remain that colour during the firing. 

The class is taught by internationally renown Neil ForrestNeil divides his time teaching in Nova Scotia and Scandinavia and specialises in large scale ceramics. He is particularly interested in the built environment and how ceramic sculptures interact with architecture.

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