Thursday, 15 October 2015

Nova Scotia in the Fall

One of my good Australian friends came to visit me and it was a wonderful excuse to see some of the wondrous glory and gorgeous colours of Nova Scotia in the fall. 

We drove through the Annapolis Valley, an area known as the main breadbasket of the province, and it still produces most of Nova Scotia's fresh produce. It is renown for its delicious crisp apples, blossoms in spring and delightful colour with the changing of the leaves in the fall.

Bella Vista

Love the architecture of the barns

Beware of dancing deers 

More fabulous farm architecture 

Fall in North America is not complete without a pumpkin (squash)
 We drove through miles of picturesque scenery, winding through hills and passing wooden churches and ended the day chatting to a pumpkin farmer who was selling his wares on the side of the road.

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