Thursday, 22 January 2015

Teachers Assistant: Introduction to Studio Practice at NSCAD

As part of the MFA program at NSCAD I have the opportunity to be a Teachers Assistant. This is to observe and experience teaching in the classroom. 

The MFA program is geared towards teaching as an opportunity after graduation and there is also the opportunity to propose and teach your own course.

For Term A of the Winter Semester I am the Teachers Assistant for the Introduction to Studio Practice with Professor Melinda Spooner. This is a foundation course and it teaches the essentials for any student wishing to become an artist.

Some of the fun stuff that we covered included colour theory (I love colour!), pattern and repetition, and basic stop animation which was highly effective.

And later in the term the students undertook an exercise where they painted portraits of each other in a dark room lit by sodium lighting (street lamps) which removes all colour from the room and students were painting in tones.

The final result was amazing when we turned the fluorescent lights back on. So colourful!
I would love to be a foundation student again. They are having so much fun!

They were an incredibly talent bunch and I was very fortunate to participate in the classroom environment with Melinda. 

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