Thursday, 8 January 2015

Box Clasp Fence Bracelet

Well, there is absolutely no rest for the wicked, and school is back with a bang.

Detail of the box clasp

This semester I am continuing my studies with jewellery and I am undertaking 'Advanced Techniques' which is mainly gem setting, but it also includes making complicated clasps, including the box clasp.

As well as creating a box clasp that 'clicked' when it closes, our brief was to design a bracelet that integrated with the clasp. 

Of course, I made a large one and it is approximately 2.5cm long x 1.5cm wide. Making it larger also made it harder, for some strange reason.

Detail of the chain

I used commercial chain and threaded lengths of silver through the chain to replicate a fence like structure. It also started to look like a spine, musical notes, or the DNA structure. 

Box clasps are incredibly tricky to make, and quite fiddly. Its most likely my first and last box clasp I ever make!

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