Thursday, 13 November 2014

Enamel Lichen Necklace

Our second assignment for enamel class called for us to incorporate at least four enamelled components, which were to then be created into a piece of jewellery or an object.

With my current fascination into lichen I wanted to continue to explore these effects. I set about undertaking a lot of samples to achieve a similar result looking at the colours and textures in the image below.

Image of lichen used for reference for the project
Working with 0.3mm thick, fine silver 1" discs that were cut and then bent into a conical form. I first enamelled the inside with Orange Red Ruby enamel. I love this particular colour. Gold is one of the colorants in the enamel powder and depending on whether it is against silver or coper determines its colour. Sometimes it is a rich gold, like the images below, and sometimes it is ruby grapefruit. It is delicious!

work in progress: the cones prior to being assembled

The outside of the cone was enamelled with a black layer, followed by a fine sifting of 'Candy'. One of the things I enjoy about Candy is that is easily oxidises in the kiln, giving it a faint green tinge and is a little unpredictable in its results. Perfect for representing lichen. 

detail of the components necklace

I wanted to create a piece of jewellery that could be worn, but also exists by itself as a beautiful object, so I strung all the individual 18 cones onto silk cord.

Components necklace

The idea is that you roughly wrap one cord around the other and the enamelled pieces hang like a pendant. It needs a little refinement to be practical, and Im incredibly excited about its prospects.

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