Thursday, 21 August 2014

Simple book binding with chocolate wrappers

Whist I was in New York City over the summer I collected some delicious chocolate wrappers. They were simply too pretty to throw away after I had enjoyed the decadent chocolate on the inside.

After looking at them for what seemed an eon and wondering how I could make use of such nice wrapping, I suddenly realised they would make a great cover for a hand made book.

I reinforced the chocolate paper wrappers with a piece of card, using the gold foil of the chocolate wrapper as the inside of the cover.

Using a very basic four hole pamphlet stitch I then stitched the paper to the cover and the final result was a book in the shape of a chocolate bar. 

If you are inspired to make book, I found a great tutorial on that has instructions to make a similar style book to the one I made.

Happy making! 

PS - the book became a present for an awesome friend of mine  :)  

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