Thursday, 14 August 2014

New York Now

My friend Jana, who owns Swaine Street Woodworking invited me to come along with her to the New York Now tradeshow. Jana designs and makes beautiful wooden cutting boards, serving boards and butchers blocks from maple and walnut.

Jana engraving one of her serving boards
New York Now is a massive wholesale trade show, where buyers from all over the world attend to purchase products for their store. The show attracts over 35,000 people over the duration of the five days.

I helped with the install, and it was amazing the transformation of the space from an empty warehouse, to a convention centre full of booths and bustling with people. 

I got so carried away with it all that I totally forgot to take an 'after' shot with everything set up. Whoops.

We didn't forget to eat though! Heres a shot of Jana stopping for a quick lunch.

We drove from Halifax down to New York City and drove back again afterwards. The drive takes about 14 hours in total, each way. Its actually kinda cool how close Halifax is to New York City.

Along with eating plenty of bagels with cream cheese for breakfast and getting the chance to visit some of the major galleries in New York we captured some of the highlights were on the drive on the way back home again.

Riding the silver fox 
holding hands with the worlds largest blue berry
Cuddling a moose
 And of course, when in Canada, one must cuddle a moose!

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