Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hill End Gate Neck Piece

Drawing further inspiration from my time at Hill End my next jewellery piece was informed by the etching below. 

Study of a Hill End gate. Etching 2013

The gate was constructed in wood by cutting slots in the horizontal bars, and the vertical posts were fitted into these holes. I remember being quite taken by this gate design, as I had not seen anything quite like it in my travels.

I enjoy creating marquettes before commencing a design as this helps me work out the size and how the design works in space. Its also incredibly important when working in silver as this helps save costs that may otherwise be wasted through the design process.

So I chose to recreate it in silver, drilling holes through the horizontal bars. The intention of this piece was to pivot on a central horizontal bar, allowing the vertical posts to move with gravity. Below is my first attempt.

Gate Neck Piece #1 detail

Gate Neck Piece #1
Whilst soldering, the tube of silver (second horizontal bar), also filled with solder which rendered the rotating design useless.

Back to the drawing board for attempt and design #2.

The design changed slightly and the pivoting point is now central to the neck piece. I also decided not to solder the tube to the framework, rather, slotting it in and allowing it to be held with silver wire which threads through the piece.

Gate Neck Piece #2 detail
Gate Neck Piece #1
The fun thing with this design is the kinetic movement and sounds created whilst the piece spins. The design reminds me a little of music written on a sheet, and the sound is reminiscent of rain on a corrugated tin roof.

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