Thursday, 5 June 2014

Material Matters : Paper Jewellery

I have been playing with paper, pushing boundaries and materials in an effort to discover new ways of working, and ultimately new ideas and concepts for creating jewellery.

Here are some of the experiments:

Stitching paper together using bookbinding techniques (coptic binding stitch)
Holding paper together using string
Dipping paper in resin
Riveting paper (left) and tie dying paper (right)
Constructing 3D forms with paper 
Wrapping with embroidery thread and held together with pins and coral

After many experiments I combined copper with paper and ended up with the following finished pieces:

Burnt rice paper held together with a copper rivet

Detail of burnt rice paper and copper rivet
Torn rice paper, riveted with copper tube, black patina
Torn rice paper, stitched with copper wire, green patina

Many of my experimental pieces would be fun to translate into metal...... all I need is the time *sigh*

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