Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Flashes of my past in the future exhibition

My work for the Flashes of my past in the future exhibition at M16 is a continuation of exploring images sketched of my cottage.

The sketches of domestic scenes have been translated into delicate embroidered objects. Sometimes the thread is almost invisible until illuminated by strong light – like a memory which almost forgotten, flashing back in a moment of clarity.

Cake Plate
Photography by Art Atelier

Milk Jug (bathroom)
Photography by Art Atelier

Nest 1 (kitchen)
Photography by Art Atelier

Sugar Bowl (inherited treasures)
Photography by Art Atelier

Tea Pot (conservatory)
Photography by Art Atelier

Daily Rituals (loungeroom)
Photography by Art Atelier
Jocelyn Rosen's photographic work is taken from her life over the last six months. It features portraits of friends and family as well as moments from travel to Japan, and the Gold Coast. The images are dark, complex and explore fleeting moments and observations of the unusual. Jocelyn likes pairing images and playing with contrasts in sets and
sequences. The portraits in this exhibition are paired with textures or landscapes or details. They speak to each other on an emotive level, providing context and mood.

Orange by Jocelyn Rosen

Rain by Jocelyn Rosen

Sisters by Jocelyn Rosen

White Waves by Jocelyn Rosen

We have planned a joint exhibition together over years. With notebooks at hand and over cups of tea or wine, ideas have been shared, discussed and forgotten, laughed away, or simply put on the back-burner. It is exciting for us to finally share some of their ideas at this point and exhibit our work in a gallery together.

Although using different mediums, the work is similar due to its personal nature, its fascination with form and texture, its considered nature and the fact that it features scenes from the interior life and domestic landscapes. We hope this is the first of many future collaborations as artists and friends.


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