Thursday, 13 September 2012

CarveSketchPress Ceramics

Images by Art Atelier
carvesketchpress is a series of works that explores different mark-making techniques on ceramics. 

Hand thrown clay carve pots are dipped into a coloured slip which dries leatherhard before being decorated using scraffitto (carved) techniques. A glaze finishes these works, ensuring the pots are  functional as well as decorative.

An image is sketched directly onto the hand thrown porcelain pot and then subtly shaded using water colour techniques. sketch pots are glazed with celedon on the inside creating a beautiful green hue which offsets the blue imagery on the outside. 

Inspired by prehistoric potmaking methods of pressing soft clay into reed baskets, press pots retain the highly textured negative space left by the weave. A variety of coloured glazes celebrate the tactile qualities of the pot.

Each pot designed and made by me is organic in shape, and being hand built each one has its individual and totally unique characteristics. 

Available exclusively at Evie Presents.

75 1/2 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney 
August 30th to November 2012 

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