Friday, 1 July 2011

Yum! The delicious colours of Permaset

Last weekend at the 'Meet the Makers' at Gaffa Gallery in Sydney I met some interesting people and heard some fascinating stuff.

Along with meeting the other lovely designers in the show I met David from Permaset, who told me all about his inks.

Permaset's screenprinting inks are 100% solvent free (they contain no toxic chemicals, lead or other heavy metals). The inks are environmentally friendly, being water based which makes cleaning up easy too. Better yet, Permaset is an Australian company and the inks are made in Sydney.

I think this is fabulous! Locally made inks which do not pollute our environment...... and they come in a delicious range of vibrant colours which have been tested and proved to be 'light fast' (ie they will not fade in our harsh Australian sun).

Best yet, I was given a set of coloured inks to play with. I look forward to printing lots of different designs with these new delicious colours. A big thank you to David and Permaset for their generosity and support x

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