Saturday, 2 April 2011

Introduction to Screenprinting at Megalo

Every Thursday night for the past 6 weeks I have been teaching the Introduction to Screenprinting class at Megalo.

Class participants are taught the basics of screenprinting: using paper cut stencils, photo emulsion stencils, registration for two or more colours, and how to create basic repeat patterns.

Below are some of the results of the class. I really enjoy the teaching process - its amazing how the same process can result in such different imagery and ideas.

Fantastic layering of colour and size of imagery .....
Beautiful three colour prints using a combination of paper and photo emulsion stencils.
Great placement printing incorporating different coloured inks, printed in different layers to create depth
A two colour design printed using the t-shirt jig. What a shame I don't have a detailed image of the design to 'show-off' the precise registration achieved!
Another design created on the Tshirt jig using photo emulsed screen.
A two colour print (white and black) using both paper and photo emulsion screens.

There were two others in the class who also had some interesting imagery: delicate pencil drawings of native flora printed over red dots; and the effects of layering transparent and opaque inks - but I totally forgot to take photos of these in the rush to finish everything in our last class.

I am very impressed with how quickly everyone got the hang of it and transformed their ideas into prints onto fabric.

Well done everyone ! :)

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