Saturday, 16 April 2011

Designs for Repeat Repeat Exhibition

I have been invited by Megalo Print Studio to be part of Repeat Repeat, an exhibition of screen printed fabric lengths in June 2011.

This is a fantastic opportunity for me to explore some ideas which have been floating around for some time - as well as creating some fabrics for my house.

Idea # 1 is a continuation of an idea which was originally exhibited as a water colour in London - enlarged knitting.

I am particularly interested in the patterns which occur in the negative spaces....

So I started printing using different hues of blue and green. It started to remind me of the zillij mosaics found in Morocco.

Not convinced about the blues, I then tried a bold single colour....

Fun! I can imagine Red Knit as curtains - now I want to print this design in lots of bold colours: pink, orange, green ....... and imagine it as the upholstery for chair - groovy! I've found an old chair which would be perfect for this.... stay tuned to see the next installment


  1. Hi Kate, beautiful design!
    Sandrine x

  2. I'm seeing touches of the Islamic geometric designs and the Celtic knot designs. Looking pretty damn good so far.

    I really need to learn about this dead space thing for my photography sometime.

    And congrats on being invited to exhibit - I shall have to remember to head along to check it out in due course.



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