Sunday, 6 March 2011

Knitwear becomes Sculpture

With the chill in the air of the impending change of seasons, my fingers are itching to start knitting....

So I picked up some needles and reworked some yarn I bought earlier in the year from Rainbow Wools. I absolutely love the blues, greens and greys in the variegated yarn but Ive been struggling to find a pattern which would suit the wool.

After starting and unraveling for the third time, I decided to play with texture to create the pattern of the jumper. Using a stitch called Mock Rib which is K1 P1 (repeated) for the first row, and then knit for the second row - so very easy - the wool has knitted into a beautiful textured fabric which makes the colours of the yarn sing.

Some amazing things can be created using knitting and Scandinavian Sandra Becklund has created some visually stunning pieces.

I don't think my jumper will look anything like these creations, but they are fun to look at and very inspirational :)

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