Thursday, 16 December 2010

Pomegranates..... and Christmas hampers

Pomegranates often feature as part of my display at the markets. One of my first screen printed designs was of a Persimmon Tree and my sister, who helped me with my first handmade market, couldn't find any persimmons at that time of year and so displayed some pomegranates instead. Since then the pomegranates have become a regular fixture on my stall.

It is really interesting to see how people respond to them. When they are displayed out of their usual context - people often think they are ceramic - and cant resist but pick them up and admire the shape, colour and weight of them.

I also hear about peoples stories associated with pomegranates - the juice is very popular in Turkey and you often find stalls at the side of the road selling freshly squeezed juice. Ahh, another reason why I want to go back and explore more of that marvellous country :) The fruit has also been around for a VERY long time and can be dated back to 3000 BC!

(Above Image courtesy of Canberra Handmade Markets)

Whilst purchasing some the other day, I was told by the green grocer, in his broken english, that they are very good for you... and this lead me to look into the marvels of this delightful fruit.

Pomegranates are:
  • High in anti-oxidents (even more than green tea!) which helps fight certain forms of cancer such as breast and skin
  • They can prevent hardening of the arteries therefore reducing the chances of heart attack and stokes
  • It is good for thinning the blood; raising good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol
So they are beautiful to look at AND good for you too......

I have been eating the fresh fruit squeezed over a bowl of bircher muesli for breakfast. The muesli is very easy to make, you just need to be little bit organised to make it the night before. Click here for the recipe.

Im thinking this year Im going to give Christmas hampers full of delightful, natural goodies (such as pomegranates) and other beautiful handmade things.

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  1. You have inspired me to look at pomegranates for myself! And, yes, I have been one of those who has been fooled.



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