Thursday, 25 May 2017

Shiori Patterns : Itajime

Itajime is the shibori process of folding fabric and then clamping it between boards or sticks. We have been exploring these techniques in my Irresistible Dyeing Class at the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design. We used indigo which is such a magical dye to work with. I love watching the magic as the fabric turns from green to blue as it oxides when it is removed from the indigo dye bath. 

The dyed fabric needs to sit for 24 hours (to allow the indigo to 'set') and hearing the 'oohs and ahhhs' as the fabrics are untied and unfolded when the process is finished is such a delight.  

Below are some of the before and after results.

Creating a resist with C clamps

C Clamp resist pattern

Jam jar top and bamboo sticks resist

Jam jar top and bamboo sticks pattern

wooden block and elastic bands resist

wooden block and elastic bands pattern

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