Thursday, 27 April 2017

Charmed by new prints in Prints Charming

This week is the start of a couple of workshops I am teaching at the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design for the Spring term: Prints Charming and Irresistible Dye Techniques. It was delightful to see a few familiar faces in the group who have participated in my previous classes. 

Prints Charming is a four week course where we cover designing and printing a one stencil print;  exploring different effects through printing with more than one colour ink through the screen; registration techniques to create a two colour print; block printing; and combining all methods to create some stunning designs.

Below are some of the charming prints created in the first week by my talented students.

Beetroots by Rebecca

Lavender by Maya

 Doily Blossoms by Roberta

Two tone hearts by Elizabeth

Layered sunflowers by Linda

Marine Sticks by Moira 

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