Thursday, 4 February 2016

Prints Charming: 2 Colour Prints

My Prints Charming Class is creating some wonderful 2 colour prints, using the registration methods I have taught them.

Willa printed a fox design using the same paper stencil and printing with 3 different ink colours in the first layer: orange, brown and grey.

Willa's first print using the same stencil and three different colours.

She then printed over the top of the three prints using a second stencil with black which provided detail to the foxes.

Grey Fox
Orange Fox

Brown Fox
Whilst the registration for the brown fox was misaligned, it still created an interesting image and depth of field. Even mistakes in screen printing can create exciting outcomes! 

Clive by Lyse

Lyse printed a two colour print incorporating the same registration principles. 

Its wonderful to see so many wonderful designs being created in the course.

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