Thursday, 24 September 2015

222 Grips for a Stone #18 - #21

I am participating in the MFA course 'Things' which considers the historic and contemporary discourses around the experience of things and the significant role that our relationship to things retains in the production of objects and subjects in visual culture. The course is taught by the dynamic Bob Bean and I am finding it fascinating.

We explore questions like: What are things? What do they do? and why do they inspire creative and critical attention? 

So far we have discussed 'things' ranging from the found object, Heidegger's philosophy of the jug and the void, collecting things, nostalgia, the broken tool, how language and words are things too.

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to Heidegger's notion of the object as 'ready to hand' which refers to tools that we often overlook such as hammers, needles, pens etc. 

Which led me think of the readymade, and Duchamp's iconic artwork that changed the way we think about modern art. A urinal where he changed the context and meaning by turning it upside down, renaming it and placing it in a gallery, titled Fountain 1917.

I have also been thinking about the found object and the ready made in my work. 

I started noticing 'ready made' grips for a stone on the architecture in and around the city. So I thought I would include them in my 222 Grips for a Stone exploration. 

#18 of 222 Grips for a Stone 
#19 of 222 Grips for a Stone 
#20 of 222 Grips for a Stone 
#21 of 222 Grips for a Stone

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