Thursday, 27 August 2015

222 Grips for a Stone (7-13)

Ive been progressing slowly this week with the continued exploration of 222 grips for a stone.

222 Grips for a Stone

Im trying to restrict myself to using natural materials and/or objects that have been found in the environment.

#8 was a rusty metal piece I found on the streets of Halifax last winter. Its been sitting on my bench for quite some time as I admired it, but wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it. And then, I found the perfect stone to fit inside it.

222 Grips for a Stone

I have been wanting to try viking knitting for quite some time. #9 is my first attempt using silver wire. I like how the stone becomes naturally polished from being handled.

222 Grips for a Stone

Similar to viking knitting, #10 is created using a home made knitting nancy constructed from a toilet paper role and some popsicle sticks taped to the sides. 

222 Grips for a Stone

#11 is my favourite from this series. I like the highlight of yellow lichen on the stick. And the shape of the pebble.

222 Grips for a Stone

And I have even started exploring growing crystals in and around wire structures. #13 contains a crystal made from Alum.

Working through these ideas is exciting and each one generates and sparks new ideas that shoot off in different directions. Some I would like to enlarge and turn into sculptures, others I would like to translate into jewellery, whilst some ideas could be reinterpreted into ceramics. 

222 Grips for a Stone is going to be a fascinating adventure of exploration and discovery!

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