Thursday, 25 June 2015

buon giorno Firenze

In a couple of days I will be heading off to Florence, Italy to participate in a four week summer course to learn traditional jewellery techniques specific to Tuscany.

I entered a design competition last year and I was awarded a scholarship to attend Academia Riacci. Academia Riacci is a private art school which specialises in, amongst other things, Jewellery. They also have a leather working program which focuses in shoes and bags (how much fun), interior and graphic design, and all the usual programs found in an art school including sculpture and painting.

I will be learning Incisione (Florence engraving) which is delicate metal chasing and carving using a specific engraving tool. I will also be learning Florence Openwork - exciting! 

Example of Incisione
Image courtesy of Aceademia Riaci

Example of openwork
Image courtesy of Stefano Oro

I am looking forward to learning these new skills in such a fabulous location. We have an interpreter, and class is four days a week. Its going to be challenging to get to class by 9am whilst I am holidays, although I am sure the excitement and lure of adventure will prompt me to get to class on time. My accommodation is about a 25 min walk to school, and I am hoping to find some great coffee shops along the walk that will help to wake me up with an expresso and a delicious Italian pastry.

One day a week is set aside for 'Art visits' which I am guessing will be viewing some of the amazing art on display in Florence. I am hoping this includes a visit to the Uffizi Gallery, one of the oldest museums in the world with an amazing collection of great Italian artists, including my favourite, Botticelli, who is famous for The Birth of Venus.

The Birth of Venus by Botticelli
I am planning to travel lightly and will be taking a super small suitcase. As you can see it is just big enough to fit a cat, who was a great help by assisting me what to pack. The case used to be the right size for carry on luggage (back in my London days), but I think they've shrunk those sizes recently.

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The Venice Biennale is also on whilst I am there and I am looking forward to returning to such a beautiful city. Squee! 

Ciao Bella

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