Thursday, 19 February 2015

Noel Guyomarch Workshop

Our Advanced Technique jewellery class had the fabulous opportunity to participate in a workshop with Noel Guyomarch. Noel has one of the most interesting contemporary jewellery galleries in Montreal, Galerie Noel Guyomarch, and he is an avid collector and supporter of contemporary jewellery.

Memory vessel: Pearls of Wisdom. Knitted copper wire
15cm high x 6cm deep

We were asked to bring something special that we treasured. I haven't really brought many souvenirs from Australia with me, with the exception of a beautiful blue bolder opal ring that I wear religiously.

Example of boulder opal

Noel asked each of us why the item was important and then we had to translate these ideas into another object.

For me, the ring is important for many reasons. The opal is from Australia, so wherever I travel I always have a bit of Australia with me.  It is my birthstone. It is also made from water, something Australia doesn't have much of. What makes it most special though was that it was a present from my Nan.

With these thoughts in mind I started making a vessel to contain memories. I just happened to have a collection of faux pearls on my desk and they made their way into the container too. Inevitably it became known as Pearls of Wisdom.

My work bench is known throughout the jewellery department for its collection of interesting bits and pieces, and I have a collection of marbles which I would like to make another container for. This vessel will be all about 'losing your marbles'!

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