Thursday, 24 January 2013

Craft-a-noon High Tea

 A letter arrived in the post late last year.....

It was an invitation to Craft-a-noon tea along with craft instructions and we were advised to bring along an old t-shirt (this was to cut up and shape into chrysanthemum flowers)

When I arrived the table was set with Gran's best crockery. (styling by Leah)

Followed by some flowers artfully arranged in an old jam jar (flowers styled by Sheridan)

Quickly followed by baked treats (there were also freshly cooked scones but they were eaten too quickly to get a photo)

And along came some more delicious goodies, on the left are greek delicacies, right Summer delight peach bites.

After we sampled all the goodies, followed by a good yarn about all things art, craft and design we got stuck into our craft project. 

The above is the result of a fun afternoon shared by all :) Im thinking I will turn my flower into a brooch.

Have a go!
- if you click on the instruction image it will be large enough to read, and you can see they are quite simple. All you need is an old t-shirt, scissors, needle and thread, delicious baked goodies and a group of lovely friends.

oh, and dont forget the champagne.



  1. Ooh. Craft with tea. What a wonderful idea!

    1. It is such a treat to combine delicious food with delightful people and a bit of craft. I highly recommend it x



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