Thursday, 10 May 2012

Still Life captured by Instgram

Well I have succumbed to the Instagram craze....

I couldnt resist!

So this morning I thought I would capture some things that make me happy at home

Kochira sun baking

Ceramic made by moi, with cockatoo feather

I love this lamp, collected in my travels through Turkey


Spinning wheel given to me by my Aunt.
Its almost the perfect weather to start practicing...
all I need is an open fire

Splashes of colour
Green plastic bags with pink wool =
two different projects

Love love love this mirror
and the old kitchen sink
with mis-matching taps
and a gurgling drain

cute cute cute!
I love this chair so much.
It has a twin
and they feature in my prints and ceramics
I love my pink anodised teapot
and its special cosy by Jenny

How much fun! Different boarders, unfocused edges, and hues within the images.

For those who already know Instagram, Im loving the 1977 setting, but I already have so many real photos like that (yes, I feature in a few) Im not sure Im ready to go there so soon :)



  1. Gorgeous, Kate.

    Lovely to see Kochira. She must be an old lady by now.

  2. Lovely to see your domestic still life bliss. Very inspiring use of Instagram too. Anne



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