Thursday, 19 April 2012

Teaching Screen printing at Megalo

I love screen printing so much that I also teach screen printing on fabric at Megalo Print Studio and Gallery in Canberra.

I have just finished teaching a 6 week Thursday evening class.  

In the class we covered:
  • creating designs using paper stencils and photo emulsion (light sensitive); 
  • learn registration marks to create multi-colour prints;  
  • experimenting printing onto different background fabrics; 
  • and in our last lessons we also explored how to put your design into repeat.
Below are some images of the beautiful designs created in the class.

Marcelle working out paper stencil
Linda experimenting with colour and overlay patterns
 using a photo emulsed design
Jen's delicate hand drawn tree printed on tea towels
Dianna printing 2 colour paper stencil pattern 
Rachel's 2 colour photo emulsion stencil
Close up of Rachel's Escape design. 

Seona's 2 colour paper stencil print

Seona's 3 colour print onto patterned fabric
Marcelle embarking on a repeat print design using 3 colours
Marcelle adding the second colour
PS Marcelle has just sent me a picture of her finished Birds and Hearts fabric. Here is is below
Fabric and image by Marcelle


  1. Great pics, Kate! It is high time I renewed my membership and got printing again. I miss it so much!

    1. Printing is very addictive and the results are always amazing... you should definitely get printing again x



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