Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mud - My new love!

Have I told you about my latest obsession?

Ive just started a course with the intention of learning how to translate my designs onto ceramics (after years of not wanting to get my hands dirty) I am now elbow deep in mud..... and I love it!

There is something magical about the transformation from clay to pot, and then there's the alchemy of glazing too. I have a feeling that I am about to embark on a new journey of adventure :)

I've discovered you can carve into clay, just like a lino print. The effects are amazing!

Ive experienced a wood firing - now I know why potters love this effect - the ash produced can flavour the clay and glazes (above) and you get different results using the same glazes in a gas or electric kiln.

Above is a 'before' image, the tea bowl is coated with shino and temaku glaze in stripes. And below is how it looks after being fired in a wood kiln.

I love love love it! :)

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