Thursday, 2 June 2011

Repeat Repeat Exhibition

The brief for this exhibition was to create repeat lengths of fabric. Each artist could submit up to three printed lengths of material either in three different colourways or three different designs.

The inspiration for my work draws from my continued fascination of light and shadows, positive and negative spaces - for Repeat Repeat the starting point was to draw the positive and negative spaces when yarn is looped consecutively to create a knitted fabric on a large scale.

Printing the negative spaces (above)

Printing the Positive (above)

Having printed the lengths above I discovered through isolating areas of the design, interesting geometric forms emerged.

Repeating the negative space of the 'stitch' discovered in the first Knit print.

I continued to explore how these geometric forms looked when put into a repeat pattern. The result is a variety of fabrics some of which are easily identified as knitting, and others which play tricks on the eye - is the design the printed or the negative space on the fabric?

Individual knit stitch repeated on a smaller scale

individual knit stitch repeated in a different geometric configuration.
The exhibition opens on Thursday 9 June at Megalo.

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