Thursday, 5 August 2010

Design Development for Lizzie's knitting needle case

A couple of weeks ago, or perhaps a month or two, a friend of mine asked me to design a case to store knitting needles for her mum's birthday.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create some fabric which is specifically designed for this purpose and chose balls of wool as the starting point. The images above are drawings that have been developed into Lino Cut prints. I love the lines and the positive and negative spaces in the 'messy' ball of wool, and the very Japanese-esque of the 'neat' ball of wool. The next step is to turn these prints into a repeat screen printed fabric.

Watch this space.........


  1. I can't wait to see what the fabric looks like! Sarina

  2. great design! i love the neat ball too much ;)

  3. Ive put some of the wool printed fabrics into Shop Handmade - so you can see what the fabric looks like :)
    Im also hoping to have Lizzie's case finished early next week.

    Wooldancer - I LOVE your logo! its fantastic :)



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